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Carolina-Style Lowcountry Oyster Knife

Price: $29.00
Special Features:
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Condition:Hand-forged with Black finish - Outline of South Carolina on Bottle Opening Plate

The Lowcountry Oyster KnifeTMoffers you all of the design benefits of the Georgia Oyster KnifeTMbut with a smaller, narrower tip for enjoying the smaller oysters you’ll find in the Lowcountry. Ideal for opening delicate oysters, such as those in May River, the design of this blade more closely represents what blacksmiths would have made centuries ago.

Adding the Lowcountry Oyster KnifeTMto your collection means you’ll enjoy:

  • a rounded, narrower tip for smaller oysters
  • an unbreakable handle designed for cluster busting
  • a built-in bottle opener featuring an outline of South Carolina
  • an open design so you can safely store your knife on your belt or in your pocket

The Lowcountry Oyster KnifeTMarrives with a blade thickness that strikes a balance between sharp and safe, tested to be an ideal thickness for most shuckers. And because it is hand-forged, the Lowcountry Oyster KnifeTMcan be filed for any shucking style. Simply apply mineral oil after shaping or after extensive use and enjoy for years!

A great gift for seafood lovers, each oyster knife is delivered with history and care information. Remember, the Lowcountry Oyster KnifeTMis South Carolina’s oyster knife—for life!

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$29 Price includes Shipping



Please contact us to place your own outline image* on a knife. Custom outline knives are $34.


Minimum order: 20 knives

*Outline images must be single-cut item, such as a letter:

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